IV Technical Workshop Geneva

Following past three technical workshops held in Geneva (13 July, 8-9 November 2017) and Rome (14-15 December 2017), representatives of technical partner Consortium members (HES-SO, HWC, gnùbila), Queen Mary Hospital and Lynkeus on February 14-15, 2017 joined the IV technical workshop session, hosted again in Geneva, Switzerland, at HES-SO premises.

Photo credits: David Manset.

As the project mid-term review is approaching, the Consortium is focusing on some pivotal issues, including the (1) prioritization and ultimate refinement of user requirements (HES-SO) along with the results of the Consortium internal questionnaire, the (2) finalisation of the data catalogue model and relevant application programming interface (API), (3) hospitals’ and individuals’ onboarding services and consent management, data transaction and mobilization services. Also, we have defined final details of platform architecture and next steps for penetration and re-identification challenge, to be conducted in the course of the third year.

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