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Featured image home: “Milano, il Duomo” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by pom.angers

The main objective is to tell about the most relevant trends at the intersection of medicine, digital technologies and new lifestyles. Particularly, five separated sessions will be devoted to (1) Personal Devices & Lifestyle, (2) Surgery, (3) Research, (4) Communication, (5) AI and Big Data. An exhibition space will be also arranged for getting in contact with companies and startups within the eHealth sector.
Special guest of the event will be Shafi Ahmed, a surgeon renowned for the use of virtual reality technologies during surgeries, helping the audience understand how technology can improve the medical profession and favour a good relationship between physician and patient. Amon the others, Prof. Arturo Chiti (Head of Nuclear Medicine at Humanitas) about AI applied to diagnostics,
Luca Sebastiani e Vicenzo Lionetti about food and health, Pietro Valdastri (Storm Lab Uk, University of Leeds) on novel applications of robotics in healthcare. From our Consortium, Mirko De Maldé from Lynkeus will explore how blockchain can be a valuable tool for safeguard patients’ privacy. 

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