Digital Assembly 2018

Featured image: BIN IM GARTEN – OWN WORK, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Digital Assembly 2018 will take place on 25-26 June in Sofia, Bulgaria, co-organised by the European Commission and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The event will represent a forum for a variety of stakeholders in the field of digital innovation to debate, take stock and look ahead at how Europe and its partners around the world are preparing for the main digital policy challenges ahead, as well as a precious opportunity for dialogue on how to reap the benefits for citizens and businesses in a rapidly changing world.


Most importantly, the event will constitute the official demo presentation of MHMD: unlike other events with simple presentation panels, the event will indeed host an exhibition booth entirely devoted to the project, where all attendants will be allowed to explore the up-to-date project developments through hands-on demo sessions, posters and videos, as well as discuss specific aspects of the project implementation with our IT experts, including blockchain architecture, user interface, data harmonisation, information security, data profiling, healthcare analytics, secure computation and pseudo/anonymisation techniques, as well as with our legal experts responsible for the compliance with GDPR regulation.

Despite participation in the event will be upon invitation only, the event will constitute an important occasion to present the MHMD technological innovations to relevant stakeholders in the field, to share awareness of the project but mostly to gather useful insights to be taken into account for the developments to come.

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