The MHMD hacking challenge

As envisaged in its project work plan, MHMD has outlined the execution of a public hackathon, open to ethical hackers from any age, provenance and expertise, to evaluate the overall security of the MHMD system infrastructure and identify its vulnerabilities.

Hackers will be invited to try to access the platform by breaking the system components, nodes and data security, and report results to the dedicated team at IEIIT-CNR (Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, National Research Council of Italy, Genoa) and SBA Research (Vienna, Austria).


The hackathon will take place from 15 October to 5 November 2019. A series of prizes will be awarded to the participants able to break into the system, for a total prize budget of 5,000 €, while proof of participation will be provided to all hackers sharing the output of their activities.

Stay in the loop

If you’re interested in taking part in the challenge, receive relevant updates – including the MHMD challenge kit with event guidelines, terms and conditions, go to the dedicated page.

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