Beyond Privacy: Learning Data Ethics – European Big Data Community Forum 2019

Big Data Analytics helps organizations, communities and individuals harness the value of growing amounts of data. According to recent forecasts, in 2025, the digital economy will multiply by 10 the volume of data now generated. While, on the one hand, this widespread use of data enables us to create more efficient and effective products and services, and fuel economic growth, on the other hand, this vast potential has created a new range of ethical challenges.

Beyond Privacy: Learning Data Ethics aims to explore the most recent discussions about emerging ethical issues and provide practical guidelines in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence research. This event, supported by the Big Data Value PPP, is organized by four EU-funded research projects focused on privacy protection technologies, transparency and legal compliance: e-SIDESSODASPECIALWeNet, with the participation of MyHealthMyData.

Attendance is free of charge. As the number of seats is limited, we invite everyone interested to register as soon as possible.


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