“BLOCKCHAIN: Multi-Application Viewpoints and Opportunities” online webinar

Blockchain is increasingly showing its value to business. Blockchain has been defined as a “single version of the truth” made possible by an immutable and secure time-stamped ledger. Multiple parties hold copies of the ledger, and blockchain has the potential to deliver trust to many facets of business while decreasing or eliminating fraud and counterfeiting. However, there are technology challenges that still needs to understand and how it’s shaping the use of data and what it can do for information security professionals.

This webinar, organised on 19 November 2019, 11:00 am CET by Cyberwatching.eu – the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy – will be focusing, by reporting the experience of MHMD, SOFIE and PRIViLEDGE R&I projects, on how blockchain technology can benefit specific areas such as healthcare, finance, energy, voting, and much more. The webinar is open to all interested in blockchain technology and opportunities enhancing privacy, protection, digital privacy, anonymity, efficient decentralized consensus for distributed ledgers technologies (DLT) and forecast accuracy in energy data exchange, e-diploma in marketplace and healthcare sector. The full programme is available on the WEBINAR PAGE. Registration is now OPEN.

On the MHMD side, Mirko De Maldè (Lynkeus) will be reporting about “How Blockchain technologies are transforming data privacy and security in the Healthcare sectors and the role of SMEs – general perspectives and the example of the EU-funded project MyHealthMyData” (11:30 – 11:40 CET). 


Cyberwatching Webinar (2)

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